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Agility Classes

For puppies 2 to 9 months of age.

Begin your puppy's agility journey by learning team work and introducing your puppy to equipment in a fun and engaging class. Bring your puppy on a buckle or martingale collar.

  • 6 weeks
  • Class Sessions: 45 minutes
  • Class Fee: $150

2022 Class Schedule
Tues, Sept 13 - 7:15 PM


For dogs 12 months of age and older.

Prerequisite: Beginners Class (with proof of passing). If you've taken classes elsewhere, you will need to be evaluated. Your dog must be able to, with distractions: 30 second down stay; 30 second sit stay; able to walk on a LOOSE leash; and able to perform on a buckle, slip, or martingale collar. Prong collars are not permissible during class. Electric collars are not permitted.

This is the first step on your agility journey. This class is intended for those who want to compete in agility trials and is the start of an extended commitment to agility training that will last a year or more. These sessions will emphasize the TEAMWORK needed in agility. They will also start to teach the dog body awareness.

This class must be taken and passed to move on to Agility Foundations 2 and then on to Agility I. Dogs must be at least a year old to start their agility journey.

  • 6 weeks
  • Class Sessions: one hour
  • Class limits: 12 dogs/class
  • Fee: $150
2022 Schedule:
Tues, June 7 - 7:15 PM - FULL


Prerequisite: Agility Foundations 1 (with proof of passing)

We continue to emphasize the TEAMWORK needed in agility. This class must be taken and passed to move on to Agility I.

  • 6 weeks
  • Class Sessions: one hour
  • Class limits: 12 dogs/class
  • Fee: $150
2022 Schedule:
Tues, July 26 - 7:15 PM - FULL

AGILITY I, II, III and Teamwork

Prerequisite: Agility Foundations Class (with proof of passing)

Fun, safe and active classes to teach you and your dog how to perform all of the agility obstacles and to teach the handler the skills needed to move the dog through an agility course. Each level builds off of the previous one, so completion of each level in order is required before moving to the next level. Dog and handler teams will work towards attaining the new AKC ACT agility titles. The entire series is more than 6 months. Class size is limited.

Agility Classes:
  • 4 weeks (each session)
  • Class Day: Wednesday
  • Class Time: 6:15 PM
  • Class sessions: 45 minutes
  • Fee: $150
2022 Schedule:

If you have questions about Agility classes, email

All Agility Classes:

  • To preregister for classes, send a note to
  • On the first night of class please arrive 15 minutes prior to the class time you registered for.
  • Bring your dog, a buckle collar, leash (no retractable leads).
  • Bring soft treats.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and footwear.
  • BRING COPIES of current vaccinations and rabies certificate.

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