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Specialty Classes

A class designed to prepare dog and handler for conformation showing.

  • 4 weeks
  • Class Day: Monday
  • Class sessions are 45 minutes.
  • Fee: drop-in rate only - $10 per night. Please bring CASH or CHECK
  • No preregistration for this class

Class Schedule - First day
Aug 5 - 7:30 PM

Preparing for focusd and fun off-leash dog sports. Whether you want a focused dog for performance sports - like agility, rally or obedience - or you just want a dog that will stay focused on you even in a highly distracting environment, Distraction Action is a class for you!

All dog/handler teams must have completed Beginner Obedience or higher class. Dogs must have a 30 second sit stay, a 30 second down stay, and can already walk politely on a leash. The class will focus on building solid behaviors and focus in the face of ever increasing distractions. The curriculum will be tailored to participants' needs. Dogs will work up to off-leash behavior with increasing distraction levels.

Bring treats!

  • 4 weeks
  • Class sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Fee: $50
Class Schedule - First day
Mon, Aug 5 - 6:15 PM (FULL)

A class for handlers wishing to have a better attention and teamwork in preparation for obedience competition by creating an engaged, working relationship driven by attention drills and games done primarily off leash. 

  • 4 weeks
  • Class sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Fee: $50

Class Schedule

A class for those getting ready for AKC Novice.  Regulations will be reviewed. All exercises will be covered through instruction with emphasis on off-leash heeling and keeping team motivation.

  • 9 weeks - no classes on club meeting nights Apr 11 and May 9
  • Class Day: Thursdays
  • Class Time: 7 PM
  • Fee: $80

Class Schedule - First day
Thur, March 21 - July 30 (FULL)

Competition classes are for dogs preparing for obedience. The classes will focus on skills needed for all levels of obedience competition from Novice through Utility and occasionally Rally.

  • Classes are held on Thursdays
  • Class Time: 6:30 - 9 PM
  • Fee: $10 per night - Please bring CASH or CHECK

Class Schedule

Nosework is a fun, fast growing sport where dogs search for essential oil scent similar to drug or bomb detection dogs. The most amazing thing about this sport is how confident dogs become after learning and doing nosework! It's a sport for ALL dogs and super ideal for dogs needing more confidence, injured dogs, senior dogs and young dogs.

  • 4 weeks
  • Class sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Fee: $50

Class Schedule - First day
Mon, Aug 5 - 6:15 PM

Trick Dog Class
Tricks! This is one of the most exciting and fun areas in dog training. This class will get you started on teaching your dog to perform various tricks. Whether you are working for the title, or just want to have fun with your dog, this is the class for you!

  • 4 weeks
  • Class sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Fee: $50

Class Schedule - First day
Mon, Aug 5 - 7:30 PM

Tracking Class
Instruction will include, What is Scent; Tracking Fundamentals; Mapping and Track Laying; Learn to Read your Dog; Line Handling; What to Expect at a Tracking Test. First day meet at DMOTC building, with field work at Ewing Park to follow.

  • 5 weeks
  • Time: First class 8 AM; subsequent classes 9 AM
  • Fee: $25 for DMOTC Members; $50 for nonmembers
  • No Preregistration for this class
  • Cash or check the first day of class

Class Schedule - First class
Sat, Oct 5 -8 AM

Additional Tracking Class Details

Specialty Classes:

  • Guarantee a spot in class - preregister online with PayPal.
  • If you haven't preregistered, come 20 minutes prior to sign-up time.
  • BRING PROOF of current DHLP/Parvo vaccinations, current rabies certificate. **These records are required by law and must be submitted each time you take a class, even if you have submitted them for a previous class.


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