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Specialty Classes

A class designed to prepare dog and handler for conformation showing.

  • 4 weeks
  • Class Day: Tuesday
  • Class Time: 6:15 PM
  • Class sessions are 45 minutes.
  • Fee: $20 for class, or drop-in - $7 per night

2018 Class Schedule:
Jan 9 - 30
Feb 6 - 27
April 17 - May 8
June 26 - Jul 17

A class for handlers wishing to have a better attention and teamwork in preparation for obedience competition by creating an engaged, working relationship driven by attention drills and games done primarily off leash. 

  • 4 weeks
  • Class sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Fee: $50

2018 Class Schedule:
April 17 - May 8 (Tues 7:15 PM)
June 26 - Jul 17 (Tues 6:15 PM)

A class for those getting ready for AKC Beginner Novice.  Rules and show etiquette will be explained, how to find a show, and how to enter a show and practice of the BN exercises.

  • 4 weeks
  • Class sessions are one hour
  • Fee: $50

2018 Class Schedule:
Jan 9 - Jan 30 (Tues 7:30 PM)
Jul 16 - Aug 6 (Mon 6:15 PM)

Competition classes are for dogs preparing for obedience. The classes will focus on skills needed for all levels of obedience competition from Novice through Utility and occasionally Rally.

  • Classes are held on Thursdays
  • Class Time: 6:30 - 9 PM
  • Fee: $10 per night

2018 Class Schedule:

All Specialty Classes:

  • Guarantee a spot in class - preregister online with PayPal.
  • If you haven't preregistered, come 15 minutes prior to sign-up time.
  • BRING PROOF of current DHLP/Parvo vaccinations, current rabies certificate. **These records are required by law and must be submitted each time you take a class, even if you have submitted them for a previous class.



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