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Online Class Preregistration Form

The preregistration form may be used for all public obedience classes.

A separate form must be completed for each dog for each class.

The form must be submitted at least one week before the class begins and accompanied by payment via PayPal or a DMOTC Gift Certificate.These conditions must be met to guarantee a spot in the class. No Refunds.
Bring your PayPal receipt with you as proof of payment.

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Class information:

Six-Week Classes
Puppy - $80
Beginners - $100
Performance Readiness - $100
Intermediate Performance - $100
Advanced Intermediate Performance - $100
CGC Training/Testing - $100
CGC Advanced - $100
Rally - $100
Rally Courses - $100
Agility I - $80

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Three/Four-week Special Class
Puppy Agility - $50
Agility II, III, IV, V - $60
Attention - $50

Nine-week Special Class
Novice - $80

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